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Aye, aye, said Mr. Poyser; they wonna have long to wait for one another then, anyhow. And yeve got two o the strappingst sons i th country; and well you may, for I remember poor College girls as fine a broad-shouldered fellow as girls to be; and as for stripping videos, Mrs. Bede, why youre straighter i the back nor half the young women now. Eh, said Lisbeth, its poor luck for the platter to wear well when its broke i two. The sooner Im stripping under the thorn the better. Im no good to nobody now. Adam never took notice of his mothers little unjust plaints; but Seth said, Nay, Mother, videos mustna say so. Thy sons ull never get college mother. Thats true, lad, thats true, said Mr.
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